Collection: For the Ladies💃

Kiwiana Patterns Galore! From charming Kiwiana pattern mugs to stylish aprons, cozy wool slippers, and quirky tote bags, our Best Ladies' Gift Idea collection is a celebration of New Zealand's iconic charm. Elevate your gifting game for girlfriends, mums, and grandmothers with functional and fashionable Kiwi-inspired items. Explore the joy of Kiwiana patterns and treat your loved ones to unique, thoughtful surprises!
  • Proudly 100% Kiwi Owned & Operated

    Owned by your friendly locals at Aotea Gifts in New Zealand, we operates from the heart of New Zealand!

  • Established 1979: Your Trusted Kiwi Connection

    For over 44 years we have provided the world with quality, trustworthy New Zealand products

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    Reach out to HelloKiwi's friendly team and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

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